Premium Ground Crew Wireless Headset Communication System

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• Wireless Bluetooth headset pairs with the dongle and allows

communication to flight deck

• Class I Bluetooth enables up to 50 meters working distance

between headset and dongle

• Bluetooth Piconet ensures headset and dongle cannot

cross talk with other units accidentally

• On/Off Volume control are positioned on the ear shell for

ease of use

• High attenuation ear cups ensure excellent hearing


• Flashing LED indicates headset and dongle are in operation

• All metal parts are stainless steel for increased durability

• Dongle can be connected to nose wheel safety pin to

ensure removal before take-off

• Quick positioning noise canceling microphone filters out

background noise allowing clear speech transmission

• Headset and dongle are powered by 2 x re-chargeable AA

batteries (regular AA batteries can be used)

Headset can be charged via external socket

• Comes complete with removable hi-viz headband cover