Premium Phillips 66 X/C Aviation Oil 20w-50 Engine Oil, 1 Quart

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X/C 20W-50 is the first approved multiviscosity aviation oil for opposed piston engines and provides better engine performance than any single-grade oil in all weather conditions. X/C 20W-50 is recommended for break-in, providing a cleaner and quicker break-in than traditional all mineral single grade oils. Plus X/C is an operational oil so there is no need to switch oils after break-in.


  • Specially formulated for year-round use in aircraft piston engines
  • Ashless dispersant, helping minimize engine sludge, varnish, piston deposits and combustion chamber deposits
  • Easier starting and faster oil circulation at low temperatures
  • Reduced warm-up time
  • Reduced oil consumption in most engines
  • Maintains film strength under high loads and at high temperatures
  • Utilizes all petroleum base oils to provide excellent solvency and prevent lead and lead salts